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BikeSurf is a nonprofit organization.

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See what our users say for us

We borrowed two bikes from the project, and met three people who help run it. On the last night, we had tea with one of the mechanics (the mechanic?) and the main organizer. Great folks; so kind! I appreciate the help and conversation so much. The bikes were fine and fit us well. Thank you!

Courtney carson Courtney Carson / (Ireland)

Scott was great company on my trip to Berlin. How grateful I am to have come across this project! A giving, selfless program that deserves to be endlessly praised. :) I was also very pleased to meet John Silver. Meeting him confirmed my assumption that Bikesurfing - an awesome project - is indeed run by awesome people. PS - your hair looked great, Sam. :) Best wishes!

Nicole mostofa Nicole Mostofa / (Canada)

This idea is awesome and answers to a real need. And the attitude of the organizers is impressive. They see a big trouble all voluntary in keeping the bikers happy on the road. The bikes are in good condition and I got all the advice I needed. Just keep on riding!

Sunna kaisa Sunna Kaisa / (Belgium)